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About Keane Center For Adoption

The Keane Center For Adoption is an innovative and forward thinking agency specializing in domestic infant adoption with services throughout eastern and western Michigan. Our center offers support, full-services and resources to birth parents and adoptive parents. Being a strong, trusted leader in the adoption community since 1989, and specializing in infant adoption are a few of our unique qualifications.

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The Keane Center for Adoption was founded by the late Noel P. Keane with the vision of helping families to grow. With an array of services provided by a staff of caring, licensed professionals. We are actively involved in each case and will handle your adoption personally from start to finish.

Prior to becoming the owner of the agency in 1992. Christine Brail, MSW, Director of the Keane Center For Adoption is also an adoptive parent and has managed the agency since day one. She continues to be actively involved in each case to handle adoptions personally.

"Choosing adoption brought us our beautiful daughter and a legacy for her of a loving birth family."

You Determine Your Baby's Future

Birth parents need a comfortable, warm environment with people they can trust. We work hard to make our agency the kind of place where people feel welcome and appreciated. As a birth parent working with the agency, you can choose the adopting family from many profiles of approved families. Our staff is not here to make the decisions for you but to support the decisions you make concerning your adoption. You can choose your family, a level of openness, and an adoption plan. With those options available, you can rest easier knowing that your baby's well-being is in a loving the environment. As a prospective adopting parent, we help you through the home study process as well as assistance from placement through the finalization of the adoption.

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If you are interested in our program, please give us a call at (313) 228-9721. We look forward to establishing a personal relationship with you.